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FM Projects

Last updated on 12/13/19


December 2019


December 2019 (Winter Break)

Reginald Heber Fitz Hall (Building 211) – FM Maintenance Area 2 will oversee stairwell #93 refurbishment (new flooring and paint) to begin late 4th quarter 2019. Work is scheduled during winter break to minimize building user impact. Access to and from the stairwell will be closed at all floors to allow the contractor to complete the work expeditiously. The elevators and Stairwells #91 & #95 (at each end of the building) will be available for vertical circulation.

December 17 - January 2

Zimmerman Library (Building #53) and Education Classrooms (Building #67) - On December 17th, Facilities Management will begin repairs to the storm drain located in the walkway between Zimmerman Library and the Edcuation Classroom building (south end, closer to Smith Plaza). The project was scheduled over the break to minimize disruption, but those working and walking in the area around these facilities can expect some equipment noise and redirection of pedestrian paths.

December 16 - January 2

Domenici Center (Building #200) - Beginning December 16th, Facilities Management will be coordinating a project to improve the ADA ramp at the southwest corner of the Domenici Center (north of Family Practice). The project will entail lengthening the ramp to ease the grade. There will be extensive concrete work, which will include use of a jackhammer and heavy equipment in the area. The project was scheduled over the break to minimize disruption, but those working in and around these facilities can expect some noise and redirection of pedestrian paths.  

December 16 - January 10

Student Health Center (Building #73) - Over the holiday break, Facilities Management will oversee a project by KONE to replace the elevator jack system at SHAC. During the project, the elevator will be out of service.

December 2 - February 2020

Nursing and Pharmacy (Building 228) - FM Maintenance Area 2 will oversee the upgrade of the pedestrian elevator. The mechanical infrastructure will be replaced along with interior cab finishes. The project is scheduled to begin December 2nd and be completed by February 2020. The building coordinator is working to reschedule or relocate classes, as necessary. Building users should make necessary arrangements for access to the upper floor levels.

December 2 - January 2020

Clinical & Translational Science Center (Building 227) – Planning, Design and Construction will repair a roof leak over the East Plaza beginning December 2nd. The existing planter in the SE corner of the building will be modified to become a new gathering space with tables and chairs. Building users and neighboring areas may experience some construction noise during the project. The project is expected to be completed the first week of January.


Education Building - Facilities Management Engineering and Energy Services will be conducting a fire alarm upgrade project in the Education Building classrooms. While there will be contractors in the building during normal operating hours, they will be working around class schedules to minimize any disruptions. The project should be completed by December 20th. 

Upcoming (Dates TBD)
Innovation, Discovery and Training Complex (Building 289) – FM Maintenance Area 2 is in the planning phase of a project that will repair a roof leak on floor level one (North Plaza).

Dispute Resolution (Building 29) and The White House (Building 44) – FM Maintenance Area 1 is in the planning stages to connect buildings 29 and 44 to the FM Utilities water system, removing them from city water. The project will include replacement of old water lines to the buildings.