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FM Projects

Last updated on 2/25/20


February 2020

February 25  

Lomas Parking Structure - Beginning on Tuesday, February 25, a contractor for Verizon will be working on a cell tower upgrade project on top of the Lomas parking structure located across from University Hospital. There should be minimal impact to the public utilizing the parking structure as the work will take place on the roof. However, parking structure users should remain aware as service vehicles and crews will be working in the area. This is not a Facilities Management project, but we are sharing this notice as a courtesy. 

March 2020

Scholes Hall and Dane Smith Hall -  In early March, FM Special Activities and Sign Shop crews will be making branding and logo upgrades to signage and maps in front of Scholes Hall and at the 4-way intersection near Dane Smith. Portions of the signs will be removed for logo updates and fresh paint. All maps and directionals will remain in place for navigation but campus users may notice a different look to the signs than they are used to during the project period. The upgrades to the signage is expected to take a few weeks. 

Spring Break 2020

Duck Pond - Beginning just prior to and extending to the end of Spring Break 2020 (March 14-22), Facilities Management will be conducting its periodic cleaning of the Duck Pond. Cleaning involves gathering and temporarily relocating wildlife (in partnership with the Biology Department) and draining the pond. The pond will be slowly drained onto the adjacent grassy areas to supplement irrigation and not waste water. The pond will be cleaned of any debris and refilled, at which time the wildlife will be re-introduced. 

During the cleaning, the entire area from the shuttle stop to Mitchell Hall, and from Scholes Hall to Zimmerman, will be restricted from use. Sidewalks in the area will remain open, though pedestrians should use caution as there will be equipment and crews moving in and out of the area.

Campus-wide - FM Special Activities and the Sign Shop will be making branding and logo upgrades to directional signage located across campus. The project is scheduled during spring break to minimize any inconvenience that may arise during periods that signage is removed, upgraded and replaced. 


December 2 - February 2020

Nursing and Pharmacy (Building 228) - FM Maintenance Area 2 will oversee the upgrade of the pedestrian elevator. The mechanical infrastructure will be replaced along with interior cab finishes. The project is scheduled to begin December 2nd and be completed by mid-February 2020. The building coordinator is working to reschedule or relocate classes, as necessary. Building users should make necessary arrangements for access to the upper floor levels.

Education Building - Facilities Management Engineering and Energy Services will be conducting a fire alarm upgrade project in the Education Building classrooms. While there will be contractors in the building during normal operating hours, they will be working around class schedules to minimize any disruptions. The majority of the project should be completed by December 20, 2019, but building users can expect some wrap up activity until February 28th.

North Golf Course - Beginning February 3rd and lasting up to six months, FM Grounds and Landscaping will be overseeing a project to extend and refurbish the walking paths on the southwest corner of the course near the parking lot and first tee box. The walking path, which currently runs adjacent to Yale and ends at the golf course parking lot, will be extended south to the corner of Tucker and Yale and will be connected to the existing sidewalk. Further north along the path, the chainlink fence near the Domenici Mind Building will be replaced with a more appealing split-rail fence. Along the entire section of path (Tucker to Domenici Mind) new plantings will be added and the path will be re-graded to improve drainage in the area. 

During the project, there will be periods of time where both foot and vehicle traffic will be rerouted, though the duration of these periods are expected to be short. 

This project is being funded in partnership with Bernalillo County.

Service Building - Beginning February 3rd and lasting for approximately one week, the courtyard of the Service Building will undergo renovation. The existing flagstone will be removed and replaced with crusher fine gravel and the planting beds will be connected to irrigation and new plantings added. 

During the project, the main door to Facilities Management will not be accessible. Visitors will be redirected to enter through the Planning, Design and Construction Department doors immediately to the north. Building users can also expect construction noise while the flagstone is being removed.

Upcoming (Dates TBD)
Innovation, Discovery and Training Complex (Building 289) – FM Maintenance Area 2 is in the planning phase of a project that will repair a roof leak on floor level one (North Plaza).

Dispute Resolution (Building 29) and The White House (Building 44) – FM Maintenance Area 1 is in the planning stages to connect buildings 29 and 44 to the FM Utilities water system, removing them from city water. The project will include replacement of old water lines to the buildings.