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Planned Outages

For questions or concerns regarding an outage, please call your Area Manager.

For IT related outages go to IT Alerts


 Elevator Outage

December 2 - February 2020 (estimated approximately Feb 15)  

Nursing and Pharmacy (Building 228)

FM Maintenance Area 2 will oversee the upgrade of the pedestrian elevator. The mechanical infrastructure will be replaced along with interior cab finishes. The project is scheduled to begin December 2nd and be completed on or about February 15th. The building coordinator is working to reschedule or relocate classes, as necessary. Building users should make necessary arrangements for access to the upper floor levels

If you have questions or concerns please contact Angela Aragon 277-0993 ( 


February 17 - March 20 

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) (Building 234)

FM Maintenance Area 3 will oversee a necessary modernization of the elevator serving SHAC. During this project, the elevator will be taken out of service for the entirety of the project. The elevator project point of contact will be Angela Aragon (277-0993) and the Area 3 point of contact will be Steven Dussart (277-6798), Dirk Coffman (277-0782) or Augustine Aragon (277-9381)


 Electrical Outage

February 29, 2020 

5 am - Noon

Clinical Translational Science Center (Building 227)

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Facilities Maintenance Department and UNM Hospital project management will conduct an electrical outage at Clinical Translational Science Center that was originally scheduled on February 22nd. This outage will begin at 5 a.m. and end at noon This outage is necessary to tie in new electrical feeds for the new PET/CT being installed. Normal power will not be available.  Emergency power will be available.

Each department will be responsible for shutting down and turning off computers and sensitive equipment. Departments will also be responsible for monitoring sensitive equipment for local alarms and conditions.

If you have questions or concerns contact the Maintenance Supervisor, Ron Baca, at 272-1191.


Water Outages

 No current outages


Gas Outages

No current outages 


Air & Vacuum Outages

No current outages


Heat Outages

No current outages