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Planned Electrical Outages


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Water Outages

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Elevator Outages

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Steam Outages

Due to a leaking steam valve, UNM Utility Services will shut down steam service to the below listed facilities on Sept. 10 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m to conduct repairs. During this outage, please expect that medical equipment autoclave and steam tables will not be able to function. It is also recommended that building occupants should monitor department equipment, systems, and alarms during the outage.

Impacted Facilities:

  • Reginald Herber Fitz Hall, building 211
  • UNM Child Care Center, building 277
  • Nursing & Pharmacy, building 228
  • Biomedical Research Facility, building 253
  • Innovation Discovery Training complex, building 289

For questions please contact Craig Barnard at 505-681-0833 or cbarnard@unm.edu.  

Heat and Cooling Outages

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Gas Outages

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Air & Vacuum Outages

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