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The University of New Mexico Facilities Management Lock Shop maintains the campus mechanical and electronic Access Control lock system. We offer lock installation, maintenance and re-keying services, key issuance/replacement, as well as individual and department key records and reports to meet your department needs. For additional services, please contact the Lock Shop.

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1839 Lomas Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131 (the NW corner of Lomas and Yale)

(505) 277-1061

Lock shop worker making a key


Keys may be obtained from the Lock Shop at the Service Building from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Closed on Friday! A signed key authorization card and valid UNM Lobo Card are required.

The Lock Shop is located at 1839 Lomas Blvd. NE, in building 220. The Lock Shop has its own entrance and lobby. Directions: north from Yale and Lomas, left at the three way stop sign before the storm ditch, east across the "M" lot to the Lock Shop Building.

Yes, we are open from 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday

  1. Locate the lock number stamped or etched on the face of the lock.
  2. Write that number down on a Green Authorization card.
  3. Obtain appropriate signature from the Vice President, Dean, Associate Dean, Director, or Department Chair.
  4. Visit the Lock Shop with your green card and Lobo ID or Driver's License.

Lost keys must be reported to the Facilities Management Lock Shop and the appropriate Dean, Director or Chair immediately.

Replacement of a lost/stolen key will require a new key request to be obtained and signed by the appropriate authorized signee. Key holders will be required to pay a replacement fee for lost keys and, if necessary, the cost for a change of the core(s).

The lost key charge is $10/key for general keys and $25/key for sub and master keys.

Types of $10.00 General keys:

            Office keys, Exterior Door Keys, Desk or File Cabinets, Mail Boxes.

Types of $25.00 Sub and Master key:

            Departmental keys that open more than one door, Mechanical Rooms, Building Masters, Floor Masters.

            (If you are unsure of the type of key you have please visit the lock shop in person as we cannot provide this information via email or telephone.)

If the lost key is later found, it must be returned to the Lock Shop and a refund will be issued if it falls within one year from the date it was reported lost.

If you are reporting a stolen key you must provide a copy of the incident report and or number when filing your request in order to have the Lost/Stolen Fee waived. If you fail to provide supporting documents you will be assessed fees as listed above. 

No, the Lost/Stolen Fee may not be waived or paid by your department.

Yes, you may obtain a key with another State issued ID or passport and the proper green authorization card.

You will not be issued a key without an Active Banner ID Number.

Keys must be returned when you no longer need access to an area, there is a change of department, or at the end of a current semester if you are not continuing with the next semester.

All keys must be returned to the Lock Shop. A receipt will be given upon return of the keys that my be turned into your department as proof of return.

UNM Facilities Management Lock Shop does not charge a key deposit for Staff, Faculty, or Students. A key deposit may be required by your department to obtain a key. Please contact your Department head for further information.

Once you have obtained a receipt from the lock shop, you may turn that into your department to obtain the proper forms to receive your refund.

Please visit the lock shop in person with your Lobo ID, State issued ID, or Passport.

Please contact a representative from the Lock Shop with a written request.

Keys are not issued to departments - only to individuals.

You may only have one of the same key issued in your name. Please contact the Lock Shop for further information.

Contractors and vendors will be issued temporary keys or keycards for necessary construction and maintenance access. The cost is a $25 deposit for each key returnable when the key (s) is returned. The contractor's representative to whom the keys are issued must present picture identification (a driver's license or state identification card with picture), a Banner ID number and sign for all keys issued. An approval card must be filled out by the Contractor Sponsor who will be responsible for them while on campus. All contractor keys will be returned within 30 days of project completion. The contractors will abide by all conditions of this policy and must return all keys as soon as they are finished. The Sponsor will be responsible for any areas left unsecure or for equipment damaged or stolen.

Departmental Request:

  • Request for key reports must be made via:
    and are subject to departmental hourly labor rates. Request must be made by an authorized key signee on file with the lockshop staff. All reports must be picked up in person. If the requestor is not the person picking up the report please include designated person within the iService request. YOU MUST SHOW PHOTO ID - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Individual Request:

Individual Key report request may only be made in person at the Lock Shop with a valid photo ID - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Contact Info

For emergencies, contact Campus Police at 277-2241.

Daniel Richard, Access Control Supervisor
(505) 277-9465 Cell
(505) 277-1061 Main Shop
(505) 277-0349 Fax