Automotive Maintenance, Repair, and Rental Center

For Service, Call (505) 277-3670 

The University of New Mexico’s Automotive Center is an award winning, full service, vehicle maintenance and repair facility responsible for the safe operation of UNM’s 700 plus vehicle fleet. In addition, the Automotive Center manages the University’s fueling station and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) station. All University vehicle purchases, transfers, and repairs are performed or coordinated through the Automotive Center per UNM Business Policy 7780. The Center’s highly trained and dedicated staff has over 130 years of experience. This training and experience ensures that the University’s fleet of vehicles are safe and dependable.

For questions regarding the quality services offered by the Automotive Center or to schedule your department’s vehicle for service, please contact the center at 277-3670. Departments are responsible for acquiring vehicle insurance upon acquisition of a vehicle and can contact Joseph Malouff with Risk Services at 273-0936 for questions and/or information.

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On north campus at the corner of Tucker Avenue and Camino Servico Road, southeast of UNM parking lot G.

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(505) 277-3670