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Grounds & Landscaping


The Grounds and Landscaping section is responsible for maintaining the Campus arboretum, grounds, and water features as well as the Campus’s streets & sidewalks. These duties include all necessary landscape and turf maintenance operations, irrigation, trash and refuse removal, graffiti removal, street sweeping and heavy equipment operations. The Grounds and Landscaping is also the section primarily responsible for planning and implementing all Campus snow and ice removal operations.

There are many challenges and obstacles in maintaining the Campus to the high standards set forth by the University, the Students, the Faculty, and the Albuquerque community. The Grounds and Landscaping staff continue to work towards ensuring that the Campus is an esthetically pleasing and safe environment for our visitors and students to enjoy while enhancing human health and social well-being.


All of us in the Grounds and Landscaping section strive to achieve the sustainable management of UNM's grounds in the most cost-effective and environmentally sound manner possible and welcome the movement towards a more pedestrian friendly, sustainable campus environment.

If you observe campus activities, which are damaging to the landscape, please notify the Grounds and Landscaping manager at 277-0615.

Service Rate Sheet     Campus Arboretum