FM Employee Recognition Awards


All Star

September 2021 Awardee

Patricia Castanon



Patricia has been with FM for almost three years and was hired into Recycling Services 18 months ago as a Recycling Tech. She immediately became a great asset to our division and a good team worker. We rely on Patricia to complete every assignment given to her, no matter how hard or time-consuming it is. She takes pride in her work and ensures that her route schedule is done properly and on time. Recycling is not an easy job, it requires a lot of physical effort and schedule coordination. Departments move bins around or they disappear, so the Recycling Tech often has to go on a hunt to find all the recycling bins on a floor. Recycling Techs service 125 buildings with over 2000 recycling bins. Patricia is willing to do the hard work and make the extra effort and for these reasons she is an FM All Star. - Nomination by Mary Clark

The All Star is given by managers and  supervisors to staff who have successfully done their job every day, have contributed to the success of a project, went out of their way to assist another employee, etc.



Peer Recognition

June 2021 Awardee

Acacia Chavez and Daniel Garcia



Acacia Chavez

Acacia is very deserving of this award. She has demonstrated her willingness to go the extra mile these last few months by supporting two divisions, her new position within Admin and her old position within Engineering. In both roles, I have seen her strive to provide accuracy in all she does, she asks questions and seeks solutions on how to improve processes. She knows her job well and, I appreciate the fact that she takes the time to share her expertise even when she has a long list of tasks to complete. She is a great team player and deserves to receive recognition for her consistency and hard work. - Nominated by Monica Candelaria

Daniel Garcia

Daniel taught me a lot in Operations and Water. He is helping me get a head start for my water and backflow license. I do not think I would be as far ahead if it was not for his continual teaching of the position. - Nomination by Joseph Goudy

 This recognition is given by staff to their peers for activities that may warrant something more than a verbal “thank you.” Examples may be providing extra help on a project, notable acts of kindness, being an extraordinary team player, etc.

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Supervisor Spotlight

3rd Quarter 2021 Awardee

John "Ski" Shaski



Ski is super passionate about recycling, improvement of systems, people, and processes. He not only focuses on his area but realizes all the people that are involved and actively pursues answers and information, sharing his as well. He is on a committee to improve our refuse/recycling on campus with fellow supervisors within FM Environmental Services and has come to me with ideas that I have struggled with, shared contacts and improvements, and openly took information and then followed up with great ideas. I have seen his staff improve during the last year, one of the tougher years to see improvements in a person’s morale. He sets the example for customer service; a friendly and happy attitude and it is contagious. This does not mean he is a pushover, I have heard him talk customers through some difficult conversations that could have turned bad, but his presentation and delivery are spot-on and professional. Despite the lack of help, he has not shortcut his diversion of trash. He just worked harder to make sure it was done and the goals of his unit were met in the best way. We could have thrown items away but he found a way to recycle, capture the costs, and still get the job done. Super-Supervisor! - Nomination by Rich Schorr

This award is given to supervisors who display excellent leadership skills in a situation, went above and beyond on a project, and/or have shown themselves to be an asset to the FM department and/or UNM through a particular act.

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Outstanding Manager

2020 Awardee

Steven Dussart



On June 23, in a surprise ceremony at the Dominquez Fountain Plaza, Steven Dussart, manager of FM Area 3, was presented with the 2020 Outstanding Manager of the Year award.

Dussart was nominated by one of his staff members who highlighted his commitment to customer service and his respect for the work crews. In accepting the award, Dussart gave all credit back to his Area 3 staff who were in attendance.

“This award is all due to you and the great work you do, especially this past year,” said Dussart.

FM staff have been working on campus from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep facilities and grounds operational and to ready them for the return to in-person operations.

FM Director Al Sena also recognized the staff in honoring Dussart. “The effort of the Area 3 team is commendable. We receive compliments on the condition of your facilities and that reflects not only a great team, but great leadership.”

“Area managers have received this award the past three years and that is something that I’m very proud of and something we all should take pride in,” said Dussart's supervisor, Facilities Maintenance Manager Vince Chavez.

At the ceremony, Dussart was given an engraved award and his name will be added to the Outstanding Manager plaque that hangs in the Service Building.

The previous award winners include Dave Gauthier from Area 4, Leo Lucero from Area 2 and the late Dave Simpson from Area 1. HSC Custodial Manager Michael Crocker was the inaugural award winner in 2016.

Nominations for the 2021 Outstanding Manager will open in February 2022.

This award is given to an FM Manager who provides excellent customer service, is an asset to their unit, has made significant contributions to the success of their work  group, and/or has promoted a positive work environment for their staff.

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Employee Recognition Committee:

Erika Alas

Leo Lucero

David Penasa

Daniel Perea

Dave Thomas