FM Employee Recognition Awards


All Star

February 2021 Awardee

Hilda Galvan



Hilda Galvan has been a great asset to Custodial Services as well as the building she maintains at Electrical & Computer Engineering. Hilda has gone out of her way to assist those around her including the newly appointed Supervisor. Hilda has expressed a great deal of initiative to help prepare, clean, and disinfect designated classrooms within Electrical & Computer Engineering for the incoming staff, faculty, and students. Hilda was willing to give a tour of ECE and help her Supervisor become familiar with it's location including the surrounding buildings. Hilda has gone above and beyond to help her Supervisor translate information across to employees making sure all communication is understood. Hilda has shown tremendous interest and determination to become familiar and experienced with all departmental equipment and machines. Hilda is wiling to learn and be trained on the process of carpet and floor care. Hilda is a great asset to the team and I would like to thank the employee for her strength of will and contribution. - Nominated by Brandon Coriz


The All Star is given by managers and  supervisors to staff who have successfully done their job every day, have contributed to the success of a project, went out of their way to assist another employee, etc.


Peer Recognition

May 2021 Awardee

Irene Trujillo



Irene has been holding down the fort since the supervisor retired in the Automotive division earlier this year. She is responsive and continues to provide exceptional customer service during the pandemic. She strives to fulfill customer needs to the best of her ability to ensure operations run accordingly despite being understaffed. Thank you, Irene, for the dedicated customer service you provide to Facilities Management and other departments across campus. You are appreciated!– Nominated by Acacia Chavez (FM Administration)


 This recognition is given by staff to their peers for activities that may warrant something more than a verbal “thank you.” Examples may be providing extra help on a project, notable acts of kindness, being an extraordinary team player, etc.

Description and Criteria


Supervisor Spotlight

1st Quarter 2021 Awardee

Scott Lewis



Scott Lewis has been a great addition to the Grounds and Landscape team at UNM. Supervisor Lewis has 24 years of experience in turf, grounds, and leadership in addition to his Bachelor’s Degree from Oregon State University. Scott has a vast knowledge base off all things that grow and has gone above and beyond to teach his employees and pass the skills onto them. Scott has a very calm demeanor that helps boost the productivity and moral of his employees. Lately Scott has helped FM Automotive, Special Activities and the Sign Shop with cover vacancies. He is a team player, always putting his employees and the needs of UNM above his own. We are lucky to have such leadership at our flagship university.  - Nominated by Greg Brachle


This award is given to supervisors who display excellent leadership skills in a situation, went above and beyond on a project, and/or have shown themselves to be an asset to the FM department and/or UNM through a particular act.

Description and Criteria


Outstanding Manager

2020 Awardee





Nominations for the 2021 Outstanding Manager will open in February 2022.

This award is given to an FM Manager who provides excellent customer service, is an asset to their unit, has made significant contributions to the success of their work  group, and/or has promoted a positive work environment for their staff.

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Employee Recognition Committee:

Monica Candelaria

Maria Pacheco

David Penasa

Dave Thomas

Edwin Trujillo