NOTICE: Due to recent vehicle accidents involving pedestrians crossing Tucker Ave near the G parking lot, the Facilities Management (FM) team has undertaken a comprehensive review of the traffic situation in the area. In response to these findings, FM will be installing two new stop signs – one going east and one going west – effectively creating a 4-way stop at this location. “New traffic pattern ahead” signs as well as temporary stop signs will be installed the morning of Tuesday, February 6. The date for a permanent stop sign install to come. Click HERE for map. 


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Types of requests include (but are not limited to) maintenance, repairs, utilities, movers, custodial, lock and key services, and COVID-related facilities requests

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Types of requests include (but not limited to) new construction, demolition, remodel, and renovation.


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Facilities Management (FM) oversees the physical infrastructure and facilities of The University. This includes the operation and maintenance of UNM's buildings, grounds, landscaping, and vehicles, with the goal of meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff. FM plays a crucial role in coordinating various aspects, such as energy management and sustainability initiatives, to ensure that The University incorporates energy-efficient practices into its operations and design standards. Additionally, the department is responsible for establishing and maintaining design, maintenance, and custodial standards that align with The University's mission and create a conducive environment for all.

Mission Statement

Facilities Management mission is to consistently deliver effective programs and efficient facility services based on sustainable and collaborative outcomes aligned with the University of New Mexico’s core mission.


Our community, state, and national peers will recognize the University of New Mexico’s Facilities Management as a leader in campus sustainability and facilities stewardship.

Facilities Management Core Values

  • We do the right thing--not the easy thing.
  • We choose to succeed and success means exceeding our customers expectations.
  • We know what our goals are and we work hard to achieve them.
  • We are committed to finding solutions that allow everyone to win.
  • We listen respectfully to others and think before we act.
  • We value teamwork. It provides better results.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement.
  • We value and learn from honest feedback.