Philosophy and Vision

Facilities Management Mission Statement

Operate and maintain the physical campus environment and facilities to support the educational, research and service programs for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors in order to uphold the University's mission.

Facilities Management Core Values

  • We do the right thing--not the easy thing.
  • We choose to succeed and success means exceeding our customer's expectations.
  • We know what our goals are and we work hard to achieve them.
  • We are committed to finding solutions that allow everyone to "win".
  • We listen respectfully to others and think before we act.
  • We value teamwork. It provides better results.


The Facilities Management Employee Handbook was created to assist you in finding pertinent information about your job and the department. It is meant to be a summary of information that is contained in other published materials such as the University Business Policies and Procedures Manual (UBP), the Facilities Management Policies and Procedures Manual, the Agreement Between the Communications Workers of America and The University of New Mexico, Maintenance & Operations and Clerical/Technical Units (CWA Agreement), and the Labor/Management Agreement Between United Staff-UNM (US-UNM Agreement), Local 6155 and The University of New Mexico.

Our intent is not to repeat the information contained in these resources, but to summarize it for you. In many instances throughout this handbook, in order to get more detailed information, you will be referred to the actual resources from which the information is taken.

All employees are entitled access to the listed materials. See your manager/supervisor for specific locations where they can be found.

Customer Service

Of particular importance to the daily operations of the department is the element of customer service. The department’s slogan, El Servicio Real (English translation is The Royal Service), captures the idea behind what we are trying to accomplish. We strive to provide timely, quality work, cost-effectively. All Facilities Management employees are expected to perform their duties while keeping in mind that customer satisfaction is our goal. Customer service involves the following components:

  • A positive attitude and image
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees
  • Ease of obtaining service
  • Flexibility of service
  • Easy communication
  • Responsiveness to customer requests
  • Keeping the customer informed
  • Completing quality projects on time