How Lobos Recycle

All items must be free of contents. No food, beverage, plastic, or foam should ever be included with your recycling.

How Lobos Recycle image

Never mix materials. The cost to sort mixed materials will require a service charge.

Each MATERIAL has its own BIN:

Left to Right: Bulk bin, Large bin, and A/P bin.

A/P bins are for Plastic Bottles and Metal Cans only:

  • Always empty Bottles & Cans
  • Please deposit unfinished containers in the trash.

Large bins are for Mixed Paper and publications only.

  • No 3-ring binders (binders = Trash).

Bulk bins are for Cardboard only:

  • Always empty boxes completely.
  • Flattening boxes saves bin space.
  • Computer boxes may be left whole but should not contain plastic, foam or paper inserts.

Other items by Special Request only:

Glass is picked-up by special request only.

Lamps/Bulbs are picked-up by special request only.

Batteries are picked-up by special request only.

Printer Cartridges are picked-up by special request only.

Additional disposal options include:

Recyclables may be dropped off for FREE.

Indoor Trash is managed by Custodial.

Outdoor Trash is managed by Grounds.

Process ALL items not listed above through Surplus Property.

If you suspect a material may be hazardous, contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).