UNM Space Database (FAMIS) Cloud

FAMIS Cloud uses AutoCAD Floor Plans to populate the database with its basic information: site, building, floor, room and room area (SF). Once in the database we add additional data such as: space type, space allocation, space utilization and more. The data is accessed by department representatives through the web by using the FAMIS Cloud Portal. The portal is comprised of tools that allow you to view/edit the room data, see building floor plans with various colored themes, and view standardized reports that you can download. All of this works together providing consistent data provided in either report or graphic format.

**UNM uses the 2006 Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM) as the base for the Space Sub-Category coding in the UNM Space Survey Instructions document. This is the official document for the classification / inventory of space at the University of New Mexico and expands the FICM codes for other needed UNM reporting purposes.